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Our consulting services:

Government Business Development

QBS Consulting has helped clients develop a government business presence by identifying markets, researching bid opportunities, locating teaming partners, preparing proposals, and managing contracts. We are familiar with federal government requirements, including the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), government websites, certification requirements, and GSA Schedules. We have worked with many of the major prime contractors to the military and civilian agencies, and understand both prime and subcontractor roles.

Our experiences include:

  • Prepared over 500 bids for federal and state agencies, including the military. Consistently achieved "technically acceptable" ratings on submitted bids.
  • Established a government practice for a consulting firm and achieved revenues from government sources equaling 33% of its total revenue.
  • Took a new software product to state government markets and won an initial contract valued at over $1 million.
  • Prepared and managed bids ranging from $10,000 to $90 million, in both prime contractor and subcontractor roles.
  • Established GSA Schedules for clients.
  • Knowledgeable about government databases, such as CCR, ORCA and PPIRS, and myriad bid posting services.
  • Familiar with minority and small business agencies and associations.
  • Identified government markets and the dominant prime contractors.
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Project Management

QBS Consulting provides project management services to clients, from providing oversight and review of existing projects, to establishing and managing projects that vary in size up to those consisting of multiple teams in multiple locations, with diverse staffs and reporting organizations. We are experienced and successful with budgeting, milestone and resource planning, working with software tools (e.g., Microsoft Project), meeting delivery dates and deliverables, and working within time, resource and budget constraints. We also understand the people issues that surround projects, and we seek to keep everyone involved and informed, so the project stays on track, the milestones are met, and everyone wins.

Examples of our work:

  • Assembled and led a team of 10 consultants that remediated a legacy manufacturing system. A fully operational and tested system was delivered a month early and 21% under budget.
  • Managed and led the re-design and implementation of a custom ERP solution for the Clinical Pharmacy Division of a major pharmaceutical products company.
  • Led the design, modification and implementation of a multi-plant ERP system for a foam and fiber manufacturer.
  • Took charge of a $10 million IT project that was in serious trouble and put the project back on track, re-formulated the project plan, and left the project in stable condition for the client.
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Analysis, Assessment and Improvement

QBS Consulting provides analytical, assessment and improvement consulting services, specifically addressing supply chain functions, procurement, contracting, order processing, production and assembly operations, inventory management, forecasting and scheduling, and other general business functions. We follow a proven approach of listening to your needs, understanding and analyzing your current situation, developing findings based upon fact, examining cost-risk-reward options, developing recommendations that work best for you, and preparing an implementation plan, as required.

Examples of our work:

  • Participated in the quality review and assessment of the U.S. Army's chemical demilitarization program. Visited various Army construction projects and examined the prime contractor's procurement operations, information systems, and material inventory and warehousing operations.
  • Participated in the quality review and assessment of the U.S. Department of Energy's Yucca Mountain project. Responsible for examining the procurement and inventory operations of both the government agency and the prime contractor, specifically examining the policy, procedures and practices of procurement, inventory management, quality assurance, records management, and contract management.
  • Performed a top-level assessment of a regional manufacturer's need to move to a global marketplace. The assessment included order processing and fulfillment, manufacturing, research and development, and customer service. A four-quadrant chart was used to position the 17 tactical recommendations according to their cost-risk-reward scenarios. The client began implementing the low-cost, high-reward, quick-turnaround projects.
  • Developed improvements to a manufacturer's procurement forecast system. By analyzing sales history, product mix and bills of material, developed a more accurate forecast model that allowed procurement to re-negotiate master agreements and re-structure blanket orders, which resulted in both short and long term financial benefits.
  • Other recent consulting assignments include:
    • Provided an ABC analysis of spend dollars for a government agency.
    • Analyzed and set the federal DBE goals for a regional transit agency.
    • Analyzed and established metrics for a company's shipping operations.
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Software Consulting

QBS Consulting provides software consulting and project management services in the following areas:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
Consolidation of multiple and/or different systems
Prepare project plans and budgets
Manage software projects
Search and selection of software products
Provide CIO / Counsel / Oversight services
Measure and assess a system’s value and benefit

Examples of our work:

  • Advised the CFO of a New England Tier-3 automobile parts manufacturer, in a review of their new Tier-1 ERP software implementation, to revise the original plan to reduce overall risk, to utilize resources better, and to achieve a more successful startup at their two plants.
  • As a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for an ERP software firm that provided a full-featured product to small and medium sized businesses, assisted in the business design of various functional modules, alpha tested the product, wrote technical literature and website copy, and reviewed user documentation.
  • Led the search for a new manufacturing software (ERP) product for a medium sized New England manufacturer. Conducted visioning sessions, gathered functional requirements, identified potential suppliers, qualified suppliers, prepared and supervised supplier demonstrations, and guided the management team to the final selection.
  • Researched and presented a paper to a national convocation of IT professionals in New York City on the true costs of ERP systems.
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